11 nov. 2013

Puzzle inlay card

I'm always looking for new ways to use the supplies I already have. I don't know if this technique has a name but I call it puzzle inlay after a computer game I used to play (google pictures and you'll see the similarity). Normally I'm building my cards in layers and strive for dimension. One way of doing that is to pop up die cuts with foam adhesive. This technique however is about making the card as flat as possible, although many different papers and die cuts are involved. It's more of a challange than you might think.

I did a test run first with some papers I don't like very much to learn from my mistakes and this is what I learned: 1. Strong colors works better than pale colors because you need the contrast. 2.  Plan the card carefully and don't adhere anything down before you're absolutely certain where everything should go, otherwise you risk ruin the hole card. 3. Save every little piece, no matter how small, when you die cut the negative space. I found out the hard way that you'll need most of them. 4. Outline everything, either with distress inks or a marker (I used a marker). Thanks for stopping by!

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